To reach, to conquer. Both indoor and outdoor climbing is thrilling and fun.

We offer three different climbing courses for beginners and more experienced climbers.




This course takes you through the most basic safety knowledge when climbing with a partner.


A completed course will give you the opportunity to take a test that, if passed, will entitle you to the Norwegian certificate “Brattkort”.


Duration:      6-8 hours (2 afternoons)

                         Min 4, max 6 guests


*Age limit:   13 years. Participants under 18 years of age

                         need to bring a signed consentform from a



 Price 2019: 1800 NOK (incl. all equipment needed apart

                                           from climbing shoes)






Climbing outdoors is a bit different from climbing on an indoor wall. When climbing with the breeze in your hair, the feel of height is greater.


Join us on an outdoor climbing course. We go through the basic safety knowledge and rules for climbing with a partner.


After the course is completed, you will be able to take the test that, if passed, entitles you to the Norwegian certificate “Brattkort”.


Duration:     2 days + the night before

                        Min 4, max 6 guests


*Age limit:  16 years. Participants under 18 years of age

                        need to bring a signed consentform from a



 Price 2019: 3000 NOK (incl. all equipment needed apart

                                            from climbing shoes)





If you are able to climb using cams, the world of outdoor climbing expands wastly.

This course teaches you how to use cams to secure yourself in the best possible way and requires some experience with climbing, preferably the Norwegian Brattkort or a similar certificate.


Duration:      3 days

                         Min 3, max 6 guests


*Age limit:   18 years


 Price 2019: 4950 NOK (incl. all equipment apart from

                                              climbing shoes)