Across Josten

"Across Josten" is our most classic skiing adventure. We travel by skis from the mountain to the fjord, across the mighty glacier Jostedalsbreen.


Our guides arrange everything. Lovely food throughout the journey, every needed piece of equipment, transportation and accommodation. Upon return to the lodge, we celebrate our return and eat dinner together.


Read more about the adventure day-by-day.


Day 1

We meet up at Sogndal Lodge in the afternoon, have dinner and plan the adventure together.


Day 2

On day two everyone is transported from Sogndal to Jostedalen (the start of our adventure) and with our skis attached to our backpacks we hike the first part up the valley to the glacier Fåbergstølsbreen.


Up on Fåbergstølsbreen we slowly make our way uphill on skis. On day two we do most of the ascent and after a three course meal, we fall sound asleep in our sleeping bags.


Day 3

Day three is spent travelling across the glacier towards Fjærland surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks. If the group wishes to reach a summit, we do so.


Day 4

After our morning coffee by the tent we start decending towards the green hillsides and blue fjord. After a short stop at the Flatbrehytta, just to take in one of the most beautiful views in Sogn, we make our way down to the fjord. Perhaps you would like to go for a refreshing swim?

After reaching the finish line our transport will pick us up and drive us back to Sogndal Lodge where we sit down and enjoy a fantastic dinner and talk about our adventure.


Duration: 3 days + preparation the night before

                   Min 6 guests/Max 12 guests 

                   Start and finish in the centre of Sogndal


Price 2019: 6900 NOK


Necessary preparations:

To join in on this adventure you need to be able to carry a 20kg backpack and also be able to ascend 1000meter with the backpack on. To prepare yourself, we recommend backcountry skiing with your backpack on.